Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Clean up Continues after Hurricane Sandy

After the elections finally passed I found a free moment to go home to New York to see the damage after Hurricane Sandy first hand. I learned to surf on Long Beach New York and knew it was a must for me to be there to photograph the devastation or else I knew I would regret no going years later. This being an important assignment close to heart I decided it was the perfect time ( or excuse) to purchase and shoot with a new Canon 5d Mark III. I can describe the camera with just one word, AMAZING!!! My parents were without power for 8 days and I brought them 9 gallons of gas, something I never thought I'd have to do, transport gas in from another state. I have become accustomed to photographing devastation but this time it was literally close to home. I was stopped twice by the NYPD (a first for me while being in the field after a major news event.) The first time was was by a bored cop who wanted to shoot the breeze about my camera gear and the second time was when a cruiser saw me walking into Breezy Point, NY to avoid the long traffic jam to get in. They stopped me to offer me a ride in, I must say the NYPD was really nice to me. Never has a hurricane been so appropriately named as Sandy. Many of the streets and homes in New York were literally layered in feet of sand. in Long Beach, NY a actual montian of sand cleared from the street was made multiple stories high!!

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