Sunday, June 28, 2009

Its been a while since my last post, I've been busy the last month packing, moving and settling into my new place. The hectic days have somewhat calmed down and now I can get back to things like this blog.
My first post is regarding Boston Globe Photographer George Rizer, someone I looked up to ever since I began photographing on the streets of Boston. He took a recent buyout and finished up this month at the Globe after covering the streets of Boston for 39 years.
I remember one of this first times I met him, we (Me for the Metro, George from the Boston Globe and Mike Adaskaveg, another Boston photographer I admire, from the Boston Herald) were huddled in a Roxbury backyard as close as we could to a scene where a suspect had barricaded himself in a home and it was up to the Boston SWAT team to get him out. George and Mike were there since the morning and I arrived on the scene a little later since my shift began later. It was freezing, a harsh finger numbing mid February cold. We stood there in the backyard shooting long, each with about a 400mm hiding from the police at the same time so we wouldn't get kicked back away from the scene. We were all freezing and decided to retreat from the front lines to our cars to warm up for a bit. George and Mike parked less then a block away whereas i was about three away because the cops blocked off the scene more after mike and George arrived, a testament to how soon after the police call came in that they were there.) The two of them quickly retreated to defrost and I began my long crusade to warmth when I heard someone yell "Hey Nick get in here its cold out" or something to that extent. It was George offering me warm shelter in his scanner noise filled car. A rare moment when a competing journalist extends his hand in aid to another.
Attached is probably one of the best photos of George and I. it was taken at the scene of a bus accident in Roxbury in late May by George.

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