Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My first day back on the job after a vacation filled with surfing on Cape Cod I was photographing the TD Banknorth sign coming down. I waited with the other media in a parking lot with my 200mm lens pointing up at the sign for about 45 minutes, the only thing happening was me growing impatient. Then it finally happened, the sign was coming down. I quickly switched to my wide lens and ran up to the caution tape away from the media and began photographing Jason of Back Bay Signs guiding the sign down to the ground. A felt that a human element was essential for this shot to show the scale of the task at hand and having Jason in the shot makes it happen.
Later the same day I went out on the Charles River in a motor boat to photograph local Boston teen volunteers learning to sail when the guide I was with received a call from dispatch that a sailboat had capsized. The capsized boat was on the other shore of the Charles River and we had to zig zag through the dozens of sailboats on the river at full speed. I had nothing to hold on to as we jumped over the small waves of the River making me and my gear airborne. We reached the kids overboard in a matter of seconds from when we received the call and my guide and I pulled at the kids to safety but before that i had to snap a photo. It was amazing to be there and be part of the rescue, it actually made me want to learn to sail.

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