Monday, September 17, 2012

Instagram Rocks!

So there I was driving Cross Country. Me, my Honda Accord and Canon 5D Mark II. Along the way I stopped by Niagara Falls, Mount Rushmore, and Yellowstone Park for a Photo Project I'm working on. Everything was going great up until I hit Seattle! That's where while setting off for a motorcycle trip around Mount Rainer National Park my 5D magically stopped working. Bummer!! A photographer taking a once in a lifetime trip and his main camera breaks down. What do I do?? First off I scoured the web searching for answers. Found that it could be as simple as changing the tiny clock battery in the camera. I ran off to Glazer's Camera in Seattle in hopes that that was all it was. It wasn't. I had to move on down the coast without my main camera repaired. I began to use my Lumix DMC-TS20 and it worked well up until Utah where I ran out of battery and forgot my charger at home in Cambridge. Along the way I was also using a Polaroid Mini Camera a friend gave me to use for my trip. I quickly ran out of film and was literally hundreds of miles away from the closest Urban Outfitter that sells the film. I called every store in the neighboring states and was debating driving 5 hours one way to buy Polaroid film. What is one to do?? Hmmmm, I started to use my Iphone as a last resort but was never totally impressed with the pictures, then I remembered the cool pictures all the young kids take using the Instagram App. It was a life saver and once again I was back up and taking great photos along the road. Above is a photo of what I believe is a Tornado I witnessed while driving in Kansas.

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Goodbye dear friend

The sad time has come for me to retire my wonderful Canon 1d Mark II N. This camera has been slung on my shoulder for almost 6 years shooting nearly every major news event in and around Boston, has traveled with me to Guatemala, Poland, Mexico and has covered many national news stories with me. The shutter which I have already replaced once in the past is about to go and I think its time to put it on the shelf. The photo above is an example of what a shutter that is about to go looks like. This was the best, most durable camera I have owned and used. Many people with agree with me, like the specialists at CPS (Canon Professional Services) that this was the best camera Canon made in its time. Goodbye Mark II N & enjoy the shelf.

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